This year being the 6th successive year, country top star, Luke Bryan has made the public know that he will be launching a number of concerts throughout the year. He will be holding two major concerts which include “Kill the Lights” and the “Farm Tour”. He announced the two tours in a press conference, and everyone is eager to attend. The Roller Coaster singer will be holding his shows the entire summer in different states all around the US and parts of Canada.

Kill The Lights 2017

Luke announced his road trip called the “Kill The Lights Tour 2017”.

The Farm Tour

This is the 9th year for the Luke Bryan Farm Tour, which will officially commence on September 30 and the curtains will be closed on the 10th of October. The first show being held in Fort Wayne, IN and the last show in Valdosta, GA.

This concert series will be in its second leg and as he said that Swindell [Cole], was his friend for quite a long time and he was so excited to have him on board. Swindell also sold T-shirts for the Drunk on You singer, who also admitted that Swindell was beating him in some songs on the chart.

The Tickets of his Concerts

Luke Bryan just wants to give back to the community, as he says. A section of the ticket fee will be used to offer scholarships to farming communities. The scholarship will be awarded to different communities in every state that is visited by the country superstar.

Background Check

Bryan released his first album, “I’ll Stay Me” in 2007, and he impenitently shared his unique customary country music with the his fans. His audience got better on his second album, Doin My Thing’. Ever since the release of his initial album, Bryan has won a spot with his songs on the top ten hits. He has also won the Breakthrough Songwriter Award from Music Row. His two songs, Country Man’ and All My Friends Say’ are those that featured in the list.

He worked with his co-writer/producer Jeff Stevens on his second album and given the success of the first album, the duo was compelled to do all that they can in order to make it. “Everything on my first album is beatable,” Said the singer, who was determined along with the producer to do something major. They wanted to make a better project, which would be easy and prove that he is growing “vocally and lyrically”. He claimed that he did some of the vocals within just 15 minutes, which ended up on the top 10 list.

The country star toured with top singers like Trace Adkins, Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney, who were “fun to tour with”, as he says. The company of these three top singers gave him an opportunity of watching what they do and finding how to fix what he will be doing in the future. Indeed, it is a great opportunity to know more about these great singers who have made a remarkable impact.

He polished his singing and song writing skills while in college, which has brought him much success as he knows how to bring those successful days back. The singer is always moved when the fans see him enjoying himself as he gives them good music. He mentions the way Willie Nelson performs, and acknowledges that sort of performance, which he calls the “only way to do it in music”.

Luke says [and it is evident] that, he has evolved as a performer, as he used to run and dance a lot, along with doing a number of back flips. He now focuses on crafting the music and letting it [the music] move people.

Recent Success

He has earned many awards so far in his entire career, but recently, in 2014 specifically, he has won the Top Country Artist’ and Top Country Album – “Crush My Party” awards of the Billboard Music Awards. Nevertheless, he has been nominated in a number of awards in the same association, which includes the Top Male Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, and Top Country Song – “Crash My Party”. These are just but some fo the remarkable achievments of this great artist who has curved notable niche in the music industry.

Tour Dates